Caitlin (betmyheart) wrote,

do not add me first.

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Hey Cait, it's Cat/starslight up I got a new journal. Add me again?
Sure! Love the new name. =)
Hey, I'd like to see your icons they're all amazing!! <3
Okay, thanks for commenting first.
Hey ! =).

So based on your interests page this is some of our mutual interests:
One Tree Hill, Naley, Baley, Joy, Haley James Scott =).
Okay, awesome! I think I've seen you around FF too.


8 years ago


8 years ago

Hey, I love your picspams!
I'm a huge Carrie fan, and I love Glee!
Sure! Oh, and thanks for commenting first.

I'm a huge Carrie fan and I also LOVE Glee. Can you please add me? <3
We have a lot of the same interests: CARRIE!, Glee, OTH, FNL, etc. Friends?
Sure! You have good taste. :)
i'm a big fan of carrie! i rarely post on my journal though, but i like looking at others and commenting on them. ;) friended yah.
Okay, that's fine. I love comments!

Deleted comment

Haha, thanks! I loved that little moment between Carrie and Kristin. :)
lots of interests in common, add? ♥
Sure, added!
love carrie underwood and bdavis! i'm subscribed to you on youtube, friends? ♥
Of course! Adding you now.
Hey hun, it's Keri from youtube/twittter. Would love to be your friend here as well. Add? :)
Oh of course! Adding you now hun. :)


8 years ago

Hey. I'm Maša from Slovenia. And i really want to be your friend,
because your graphic is stunning and i love Sophia too ♥
can u add me? :D
Sure. Thanks for commenting first.
hi baby, i added you now D:
add me too? please please <3 haha
You didn't ask before adding me, when it clearly says do not add me first...
we have a lot of the same interests (sophia bush, minka kelly, fnl) and some friends in common, add me? ♥
Sure! Adding you now. :)
I'm giulyyyy on twitter and I love your graphics and video. We love the same shows and couples and we totally love sophia bush to death. It would be nice to be friends (:
Aw, of course! I'll add you now. :)


8 years ago

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